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AAM Malaysian Rally Championship 2017 ĘC Intense competition guaranteed!

The rule changes implemented last year provided fierce competition among the local competitors with two overall categories up for grabs. Indeed the new format tailored to make the championship affordable and competitive worked, as it provided some of the closest competition the championship has seen in many-many years. There will certainly be more room for improvement this year and the focus now is to gather more competitors into the championship and make it even better and accessible to all.

The Malaysian Rally Championship 2017 (MRC) will remain to be a closed national event, meaning only local licensed competitors will be allowed to take part and score championship points. Foreign competitors whom has dominated the MRC in the past will only be competing alongside local competitors and enjoy the frills of competing but are not entitled to score championship points. The restriction allowed the locals to compete against each other and battle for top honors in the championship and put them under the Media spotlight. There was more media coverage last year highlighting the championship and local competitors. This helped to create greater awareness to the event.

The introduction of the 2 class overall championship awards namely the 4WD and 2WD overall MRC champion, created greater competition in their respective classes and not being over shadowed being behind much faster cars in different classes. Competition among the competitors and motivation to finish the rally as high as possible was even greater thus improving the entire outlook of the championship.

The Malaysian Rally Championship has 2 separate categories namely 4WD and 2WD categories which is broken down into subcategories according to engine capacity and drivetrain. Apart from the main hotly contested categories, there is the classic cars (for cars over 25 year old) and the Junior categories (for drivers under 25 years old). And for the first time this year the Pick-up and SUV category will be featured in the MRC. The Pick-up and SUV categories is open to all types of standard production Pick-up and SUV such as the Nissan Navara and Honda CRV, fitted only with competition safety equipment and mud tyres. They will be required to apply to the competition rules and regulation of the Championship which pretty much translates to drive as fast as you can in the stage. This allows new participant to compete in the Malaysian Rally Championship with a variety of vehicles and attract more interest in the championship. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the category this year.

There will be 4 rounds of the championship in 2017 beginning in Perlis known as Malaysian Rally HQ in May, Technically demanding Johor in August, Endurance Perak in October and in December the championship makes its return to Melaka. Each round is unique with its variety of road surface and unpredictable weather is what makes the Malaysian Rally Championship a tough event.